Zeppelin-Lindau Aircraft of WW1, by Michael Schmeelke

Zeppelin-Lindau Aircraft of WW1, by Michael Schmeelke

Subtitled 'Claude Dornier's Metal Airplanes 1914-1919'

Published by Aeronaut in 2020, 236 pages. Paperback, c.21cm by 27.5cm (N7867)

Brand New Book

This book is translated from the German and documents the development of Zeppelin-Lindau aircraft of the First World War. The metal aircraft technology developed by Chief Designer Claude Dornier resulted in the most advanced airframe technology of the war and set the aircraft structural standard for decades to come. The book is illustrated throughout with 380 photographs and drawings (including 42 in colour, 15 colour profiles, and scale drawings of seven aircraft types).

From the preface: In addition to the book Zeebtugge published by Aeronaut, Michael Schmeelke has written many other books that have been published in German. He generously gave me a copy of his Dornier MetallfJugzeug 1914-1919 (Dornier Metal Aircraft 1914-1919), and I immediately realized that an English edition was needed to document these innovative aircraft. However, finding a translator was a challenge. Finally this was accomplished and you are holding the results in your hand. This book is about Claude Domier and the early metal aircraft he designed as the chief designer of the Zeppelin-Lindau factory. ZWL was assigned to design all-metal aircraft. The e aircraft were known as Zeppelin or Zeppelin-Lindau rypes during WWI. After Dornier founded his own company bearing his name, the WWI aircraft, were retroactively often discussed as Dornier types after their designer. However, their real designations were named after the factory, not their designer. So the airplanes were produced by the Zeppelin-Lindau factory and designated accordingly. This English edition not only includes all the photos in the German edition, but additional photographs have been added where possible. In addition, more profiles have been added and scale drawings are all commissioned specifically for this book. The contents include:

Chapter 1: Claude Dornier at Luftschiffbau-Zeppelin
Chapter 2: White Collar Workers and Laborers in Dornier's Companies
Chapter 3: The Giant Flying Boat Project
Chapter 4: Missions of the Dornier Giant Flying Boats
Chapter 5: RS.I: The World's First Giant Flying Boat
Chapter 6: Rs.Il: The First Giant Flying Boat in the Air
Chapter 7: The Zeppelin Werke Lindau GmbH
Chapter 8: RS.IIl: The First Giant Flying Boat in Naval Service
Chapter 9: Rs.IV: The Last Giant Flying Boat of the First World War
Chapter 10: Zeppelin-Lindau Cs.I
Chapter 11: Camouflage Livery of the Zeppelin-Lindau Cs.I
Chapter 12: Zeppelin-Werke-Lindau Gs.I
Chapter 13: Metal Aircraft for the Army
Chapter 14: Zeppelin-Lindau C.I / CL.I
Chapter 15: Zeppelin-Lindau CL.Il
Chapter 16: Zeppelin-Lindau DJ
Chapter 17: Zeppelin (Ta) C.I / C.Il
Chapter 18: Camouflage Painting of the Zeppelin (ja) C.I / C.Il
Chapter 19: Industrial Espionage and Knowledge Transfer
Chapter 20: Type-Designations of Dornier Aircraft
Chapter 21: Motors Used in Dornier-ZWL Aircraft
Chapter 22: Zeppelin and Dornier Museums
Zeppelin Flying Boat Details
Scale Drawings
Zeppelin V1
Zeppelin C.Il
Zeppelin CL.I
Zeppelin CL.Il
Zeppelin D.I
Zeppelin Cs.I
Zeppelin Gs.I