Yuma Arizona

Yuma Arizona
Booklet - c.21cm by 27cm, published by Class 43J (Army Air Forces Advanced Flying School), circa 1942. 64 pages. (WSOS8146U3)

Yuma Army Air Field is an airfield in Arizona, and during the Second World War it was in use by the Army Air Force as an advanced flying school. This booklet is a collection of black and white photographs showing the staff and trainees, the buildings and sites in the airfield, and a few of the actual aircraft themselves. Many of the photo's are 'passport' style shots showing the men who trained and worked at the airfield in various departments and training squadrons. There are sections on Post Commandant, Post Admin, Commandant of Cadets, Cadet Admin, Group One (Squadrons One Two Three and Four), Group Two (Squadrons Five, Six, Seven and Eight, War Room, Ground School, Training, Air Gunnery, Salute to the ground Crew, and more!

There is a long inscription to 'Eric C. Bishop' on the first inside page, and Eric's address is also listed with the inscription (Netherton Dudley in Worcestershire UK). Eric was a pilot officer trainee with the RAF, and did his training at various basic and advanced flying schools in Alabama and Arizona throughout 1942.

There are also signed signatures against some of the photographs in the book (presumably the men who appear in the photo signed their name alongside)

The condition of the booklet is generally very poor, but is perfect as a reading copy or reference for study. The cover has lots of scuffs and blemishes, and nibbling, creasing and wear along the edges and corners, and there is light rusting around the staples. Inside, the binding around one staple has become loose and detached from the covers, and the middle few pages are also detached from the staples and now loose.
Condition New