Willington and the Danes - Myth and Reality?, by Gordon Vowles

Willington and the Danes - Myth and Reality?, by Gordon Vowles

Book published by the Gostwick Press, 36 pages. A5 size booklet (N7620X2)

From the rear side cover: There is much uncertainty about the origins and uses of the riverside earthworks in Willington, popularly known as the Danish Camp. At various times they have been said to be castle remains, the site of a 12th - 13th century moated manor house, medieval fishponds as well as a 10th century Danish harbour. The site has been made more difficult to date because of disfigurement by 19th century railway building and later housing development. Contemporary written records establish the definite presence of the Danes in the area, although late 20th century archaeological digs, albeit limited in extent, do nothing to support the claim that the earthworks are of Danish origin. The booklet seeks to examine and summarise the evidence which is currently available. In addition, it goes on to raise a question about the siting of the manor house in the village. Contents include:

The Danish Invasions and the activity of the Danes
in the area around Willington
Later written references to Willington
The Danish Dock theories of A. R. Goddard
Later contributions to the Debate
The Archaeological Evidence
Assessment of the evidence and broader considerations
Final conclusions

Condition of the book is generally very good. The covers are clean and bright, the staple spine is intact and all pages are clean, intact, unblemished and tightly bound.