Whitton Brook (formerly Birket's Brook), by Ed Harris

Whitton Brook (formerly Birket's Brook), by Ed Harris
Whitton Brook (formerly Birket's Brook), by Ed Harris, subtitled 'A Small River Journey Through Whitton History'

Booklet published by the Twickenham Local History Society, 68 pages. Paperback (N6146X1)

From the introduction: For a waterway to have formed the whole of the boundary dividing the ancient parishes of Isleworth and Twickenham represents a significant force in the establishment of the local landscape. In 1439 the waterway's importance was demonstrated in the resolution to a boundary dispute that had vexed the local population 'since before time'. While the original name of this watercourse is lost to history, on his chart of 1635 Moses Glover gives it as Birket's Brook, presumably named after Henry Birket, a local 16th century landowner. By the time of the abolition of the Middlesex County Council and the creation of the Greater London Council in 1965 much of the brook had disappeared.... and the name of what remains of the watercourse above ground today.... (has become known as) Whitton Brook.

The book includes a loose fold out map, showing (over four sides) the course of Whitton's Brook according to Moses Adam's 1842 survey. The loose map has some light wear along the edges (from where it sticks out from the edge of the actual book).

Condition of the book itself is generally very good. The covers are clean and bright, the spine is intact and all pages are clean, unblemished and tightly bound. The title page has been clipped across the bottom right hand corner, and this has caused a very small amount of text loss on the reverse side (which displays the last line of the contents)
Condition New