White Bus Services - Berkshire's Oldest Independent, by Paul Lacey

White Bus Services - Berkshire's Oldest Independent, by Paul Lacey
Published by the author in 2015, 160 pages. Large paperback - c.21cm by 29.5cm (N8091)
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From the rear side cover: White Bus Services have been synonymous with Windsor Great Park and its environs for some 85 years under the control of the Jeatt family, though the full story goes back even further by 8 years. This highly detailed account charts the arrival of bus services to the area, with a summary of those involved, along with the social effects such pioneering services had on the scattered local rural communities. It is a unique story, largely dominated by the Great Park and its links to other local areas, brought to life through the archives of White Bus, along with more modem coverage by local enthusiast Tony Wright. The work stands as a testament to the long years of dedication by the Jeatt family and its numerous employees who, by their efforts have kept the wheels turning for all those years, providing a service to many. The full contents include:

Map of the Great Park and Environs
Introduction to White Bus and the Great Park
Road Motors of the Great Westem Railway
British and Thames Valley
George Ackroyd and White Bus of Ascot
Bruce Argrave and Vimmy Bus Service
The Jeatt Family Origins to Winkfield
1931 Under New Management
1932 A New Link Provided
1933 A Dennis Once Again
1934 The First Of The' Aces'
1935 The Silver Jubilee Year
1936 A Second 'Ace' Arrives
1937 The Coronation Year
1938 Bagshot To Bracknell?
1939 Flight Of The Falcon
1940/1 Keep Calm, Carry On
1942-6 Make Do And Mend
1947-9 First Bedford Arrives
1950-2 Festival of Britain
1953-5 Parting Of The Ways
1956-8 Fuel Rationed Again
1959-61 Into The 'Sixties
1962-3 To Bagshot No More
1964-6 Bedford Interlude
1967-9 Summers Of Love
1970-2 Trying Times
1973-4 The Third Generation
1975-7 Fares & Experiments
1978-81 Steady As She Goes
1982-5 One Returns To Ascot
1986-9 Imperial No Moore
1990-2 The Re-unification
1993-5 An Enthusiast's Group
1996-9 A Little Iveco
2000-3 European Influences
2004-5 A Return To Dennis
2006- 7 Upping The Tempo
2008-12 Enviros And Volvos
2013-5 The Windsor Locals
Winkfield Coaches 1955-1990
The White Bus Services Staff Pages
Appendix 1: White Bus Fleet List
Appendix 2: Winkfield Coaches Fleet List
Appendix 3: Current Routes Operated

The book is illustrated throughout with black and white photographs, as well as 30 pages of colour photographs.