When World War II reached the Swedish village of Back, by Ingvar Bram

When World War II reached the Swedish village of Back, by Ingvar Bram
A4 size booklet published privately by the author in 2004, 36 pages - printing on one side only. (S7923WSOU3)

This privately produced booklet recounts the authors memories of an event that took place in Sweden during the Second World War, when a Lancaster Bomber from RAF 12 Squadron crash landed.

From the foreword: World War II started on September 3, 1939 and ended, from a European viewpoint, in May, 1945. Sweden avoided being drawn into the conflict, even if things became a little critical now and then. However, both Sweden and the Swedish people were affected by the war in several ways.

For those who lived during the war in the Aby district (about 15 miles from Kalmar in south-east Sweden), the war suddenly became very close one day. That was on January 6, 1944 when a large British bomber made a dramatic forced landing at Back after having participated in a British operation over Germany the night before.

The author, who was born and bred in Nickebo in the Aby district, presents here the factual ackground to this aircraft crash. At the age of eleven I witnessed the event. It made a powerful impression on me as well as on others who ere also present at that time.

The memory of this event has remained with me for all these years. But it was not until ten years ago that, by pure chance, I began to receive more detailed information about the actual crash, the tragic fate of the crew at a later date and the various circumstances concerning both the aircraft and its crew.

Apart from Sweden, I have carried out research work in the UK, Germany and Canada. Here is the result.

The condition of the booklet is generally good. The cover has some minor scuffs, and some light wear along the edges and corners, but the spine is intact, and all pages are intact, unblemished and tightly bound. Please note the booklet was printed privately, and so all photographs etc are photocopy quality, and all text and illustrations are printed on one side only.
Condition New