We Will Rise Again - Ireland, Scotland and the Easter Rising

We Will Rise Again - Ireland, Scotland and the Easter Rising
Edited by Stephen Coyle & Martin O Cathain

Book published by the Rising Centenary Committee in 2018, 189 pages. Paperback (N8005)

Brand New Book

From the rear side cover: This book is the first detailed account of the Glasgow-based members of the Irish Volunteers, who crossed from Scotland to Ireland to take part in one of the seminal events in modern Irish history known as the Easter Rising. It describes the highly dangerous task of shipping arms, munitions and men from Scotland to Ireland, including a significant amount of the small arms, and all of the explosives used in the Rising.

Without this war material it was claimed by the organisers that the Rising could not have happened. The book lends weight to the assertion by Searnus Reader, who went on to head the Scottish Brigade of the IRA, that "if one thinks deeply on this issue, one will get a picture of the important part played by Scots at the period 1916:'

The book draws on a range of sources including original material, much of which was previously inaccessible, to piece together the stories of the Glasgow participants and their record of service during the Rising. Comprising contributions from a group of experts, veterans and relatives of those involved, it is a unique document which sheds much light on a neglected aspect of Scottish and Irish history.