Verney Junction to Baker Street, by Bill Simpson

Verney Junction to Baker Street, by Bill Simpson

Full title: Verney Junction to Baker Street - In Celebration of 150 Years of the World's First Underground Railway, by Bill Simpson

Book published by Lamplight in 2013, 120 pages. Large A4 size softback (N4883)

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This book traces the history of the very oldest part of London's Underground - a section of what is now the Metropolitan Line stretching out from the city into distant Buckinghamshire at Verney Junction (which up until the mid 1930's was the northern most outpost of the line). Chapters include:

  • In Distant Fields
  • The Journey South
  • Through the Chilterns
  • Harrow to Baker Street
  • In the City
  • Locomotives and passenger stock

From the rear side cover: Using nearly 200 photographs, diagrams and maps, this book takes the reader on a journey from the remote Buckinghamshire terminus of Verney Junction to the city. A contemplative survey of that brave enterprise that was successfully begun just in time, before the expanding City would have made it all but impossible. And in view of all that we now know of its continuing success, a London without it is too abysmal to want to imagine!

Please note their is a small price sticker on the rear side cover.

Condition New