Unregarded Age in Corners Unknown, by Arnold Freeman

Unregarded Age in Corners Unknown, by Arnold Freeman
Subtitled 'A plea for more to be done for the old people of Sheffield'.

Pocket size booklet - c.10.5cm by 16cm, 24 pages, published under the auspices of the 'Centre for research, publicity and information about the old age problem in Sheffield' in 1964. 

Signed on the first inside page by the author, with an inscription which reads: 'Janet Blackman, with every kindest wish, from Arnold Freeman'

From the introduction: Many thousands of men and women in this city are working ill all sorts of ways at the " Old Age Problem" - children helping parents; neighbours showing neighbourliness in a back yard; Town Hall officials; volunteers acting under the auspices of the Sheffield Old People's Welfare Council and of the Sheffield Council of Social Service; W. V.S. visitors, Home Helps and all others taking part in the various" Domici­liary Services"; doctors and nurses and health visitors; club­ leaders and church workers...

This little book of mine is, as I well know, very sketchy and imperfect. Such as it is, however, I wish to dedicate it, in friendly admiration of their pioneering goodness, to all persons already hard at work helping the aged of this city. 

The condition of the sm
all booklet is generally very good. The cover has some minor scuffs, but the staple spine is intact and all pages are intact, unblemished and tightly bound.