Underground Clwyd, by Cris Ebbs

Underground Clwyd, by Cris Ebbs
Underground Clwyd, by Cris Ebbs, subtitled 'A pictorial expedition into the nether regions of Northeast Wales'

Book published by Gordon Emery in 2000, 72 pages. Rectangular paperback - c.20cm by 29cm (N6070PE)

This book is a fascinating pictorial account of the caverns, mines and potholes of northeast Wales, and is packed full with black and white photographs showing this subterranean world. There are one or two photographs on most pages, and each photo has a caption detailing what is shown.

From the introduction: As a cave-cum-mine explorer for 25 years, I have witnessed the loss of many of Clwyd's underground sites. Entrances have collapsed or shafts have been filled or capped. Before too many more are lost, it occurred to me that others might like to glimpse, from the comfort of their favourite armchair, some of the sights that sub-surface Clwyd has, or had, to offer.

This is a collection almost entirely of underground photographs, half my own, half kindly donated, which record some of the more interesting underground sites of the area. I apologise for the preponderance of views of caves and lead mines, but they reflect the topics which receive most attention from modern day underground explorers. Neither is it intended to convey a complete picture of Clwyd's nether regions, but is more of a personal selection intended to whet the appetite of the curious. Please forgive the use of the now defunct county name of Clwyd but it is less cumbersome than 'Flintshire and Denbighshire' and its boundaries more neatly encompass the sites mentioned.

It has been estimated that if all of Clwyd's cave and mine passages were placed end to end, they would cover a distance of over 100 miles. About half this figure is currently accessible to those with the necessary equipment and experience. However, please note that entry into some of the sites mentioned is now impossible. Those which are accessible should never be entered unless accompanied by an experienced caver or mine explorer. Due to their nature these sites can be dangerous and may be liable to flooding. Those wishing to know more about Clwyd's underground heritage are advised to contact one of the local caving or mining groups through your local library, or consult the enclosed list of suggested books for further reading. As most of the sites are privately owned, it is necessary to obtain landowners' permission if planning a visit. I hope this small book offers the reader some insight into the subterranean world far beyond the light of day....

The book is divided into six sections, along with a brief background and suggested further reading. The sections include Stone Mines, Slate Mines, Collieries, Lead Mines, Bone Caves and Sporting Caves.

From the rear side cover: Take a fascinating tour into the mines, caverns and potholes of Northeast Wales - and all from the comfort of your armchair. Cris Ebbs, author of ' The Milwr Tunnel' , will fascinate you with pictures, facts and tales of the area's underground regions...

The condition of the book is generally excellent. The cover has one or two very minor scuffs but is clean and bright, the spine is intact, and all pages are clean, intact, unblemished and tightly bound.
Condition New