Under the Red Eagle, by Frank Pearce

Under the Red Eagle, by Frank Pearce
Under the Red Eagle, by Frank Pearce, subtitled 'A Tour Overseas with No.239 Fighter/Bomber Wing of the Desert Air Force 1942-45'

Published by Woodfield in 2004, 250 pages. Paperback (N4442)

From the rear side cover: This book tells the story of an observer's experiences in the overseas Royal Air Force during the Second World War. He was first posted to 24 Wireless Unit in Iraq, which was a sophisticated signals detachment which found itself facing a prospective Gwerman assault through Turkey. When this attack didnt materialise the unit was transferred to northern Persia, facing a potential German thrust through the caucasus to secure the oilfields of Iran and open the way to India. But Stalingrad stopped the German advance, and the unit was again moved, this time to Egypt to join the Eigth Army.

Here the author joined the most famous wing of the Desert Air Force - 239 Wing - flying Kittyhawks as fighter-bombers. Two invasions followed almost immeadiately - the first into Sicily and then second the push into Italy. Supporting the Eighth Army the wing moved slowly north, and was involved in the Salerno landings, the Pescara Dam bombing, the attack on Cassino, the march into Rome, and the infamous 'Bowler Hat' operation to venice Harbour....

The condition of the book is generally excellent. The covers are clean and bright, the spine is tight and intact, and all pages are clean, intact, unblemished and tightly bound - the book looks like it has never been read!

Condition New