Truro Through Time, by Christine Parnell

Truro Through Time, by Christine Parnell
Truro Through Time, by Christine Parnell

Published by Amberley in 2010, 96 pages. Paperback (N4368)

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From the rear side cover: In 1698 Celia Fiennes, an intrepid traveller and relative of the Boscawen family, rode into Truro and immediately loved it, although she described it in her diary as "a ruinated and disregarded place, formerly a great trading town". In 1724 the author Daniel Defoe found Truro, "sadly declining as a port" and doubted whether it would ever recover, whereas a little later, in 1750, Dr. Richard Pococke reported that Truro was doing very well from tin. In the 1790s Mr Maton saw "much tin awaiting the coinage". The tin would have been in ingots and he reckoned that each weighed over 300lbs. So the fortunes of the town have changed considerably over the years, as have the inhabitants, the road and some of the buildings.

This book is a delightful collection of photographs which vividly evoke memories of the Truro of yesteryear and compares them with images of the Truro of today.

Change is constantly with us and yet the heart of this graceful city remains largely unaltered. Boscawen Street, Cathedral Lane, Georgian Lemon Street and the rivers are instantly recognisable and represent home to Truroians, wherever they may be....

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