Trolley Buses of Tasmania, by Ian G. Cooper

Trolley Buses of Tasmania, by Ian G. Cooper
Trolley Buses of Tasmania, by Ian G. Cooper

Booklet published by the Australian Electric Traction Association in 1980, 88 pages. Booklet - c.17.5cm by 24cm (S7985WSOU3)

Illustrated throughout with several small black and white photographs, this booklet provides a fascinating account of troleybuses in Tasmania. Contents include:

TROLLEY BUS No. 25 - Early transport in Hobart; The trolley bus is proposed; A trolley bus is ordered; Colonel S. H. Hancox; Leyland trolley bus No. 25; Huon Road service inaugurated
TROLLEYS TO A STATION - New Town Station and Carnelian Bay services; North Hobart tram; The route; Ryde Street turning circle; A look at the depot on the way home; Driver training at Cornelian Bay; New Town vehicles; Double deck trolleys?
THE CANTONS - Delays in conversion; 'Canton' chassis arrive; Albert and Jack Brooks; Body design of the 'Cantons' ; Cascades conver­sion; Trolley bus garage opened; Trolleys to Dynnyrne; Services to other suburbs?
POST WAR EXPANSION - Under new managment; The B.U.T. con­tract; Strickland Avenue extension; Dest­ination indicator lights; No. 201 is deliver­ed; New power supply; Collector shoes.
TROLLEY BUSES TO SANDY BAY - Conversion of tram line; Scenic journey; New Depot; Royal Visit, 1954; Floods.
CHANGE OF OWNERSHIP - The State Government takes an interest in the tramways; The State seeks to take over the H.M.T.; Metropolitan Transport Trust formed; Replacement of trams; Trolleys to West Hobart; First trolleys sold and overhaul of 'Cantons' ; Carnelian Bay closes; Trolley buses to Glenorchy?
ONE-WAY STREETS - Changeover to new routes; New city turn­ing loop; Turnouts; Dewirements; Cut off!; Vehicle alterations; Advertisements; Livery changes; Route numbers; Trolley buses and The Traffic Act.
SOME LAUNCESTONIANS ARRIVE - Fire destroys No. 84; Launceston trolleys
arrive; 'Cantons' run for the last time; Changes to services; Withdrawal of the Launcestonians.
BUSH FIRES AND POWER RESTRICTIONS - Strickland Avenue devastated by fire;
Trolley bus No. 234 destroyed; Power restrictions; The decision to replace the trolley buses; Replacement petrol buses; CBW trolleys withdrawn; West Hobart­ New Town route closed; Sandy Bay troll­eys cease; The end in sight; The final week; Disposal of the trolleys.
CONSIDERATION OF THE TROLLEY BUS - An introduction; Tramways in Launcest­
on; The tram routes; Early consideration of the trolley bus; The Richardson- Misson Report; The Goodman report.
TROLLEY BUS No.1 - Leyland trolley buses ordered; Trevallyn, Basin Road and Talbot Road trams re­placed; Roadworks; 'Exasperating delays' ; Delivery of No.1; Slow delivery of veh­icles; Mr. W. G. Hobson appointed Trans­port Superintendent.
COMMENCEMENT OF OPERATIONS - Driver training; First trolley to Quarant­ine Rd.; Transfer tickets; Additional diesel buses purchased for trolley bus change­ over; White City service; Extension to Newnham Park; One-way street plan; Last tram in Launceston; Ticket machines.
EXTENSIONS UNDER STATE OWNERSHIP - The Metropolitan Transport Trust takes over; Basin Road-Talbot Road conversion; Sixways junction;' Topography affects passenger loadings; Mayfield extension proposed; Extension to Norwood; High school trolley buses.
ONE WAY STREETS IN LAUNCESTON - New wiring in the city; Implementation of the one-way street plan; One-way streets in 1974; Closure of Victoria Bridge; The operation of the B.U.T's under the M.T.T.; Repainting of vehicles; Transfers to Hobart.
REPLACEMENT BY PETROL BUSES - Electricity restrictions; The end is offici­ally announced; New petrol buses; The final week.
Seceral appendices, including Hobart rolling stock - general infor­mation, Hobart fleet list, Launceston rolling stock - general information, Launceston fleet list, Destination blinds - Hobart, Destination blinds - Launceston, Hobart Municpal Tramways Sub-stations, Vehicle, Traffic and, Population Statistics in Hobart and Launceston.

The condition of the booklet is generally good. The cover has several scuffs, and some nibbling and wear along the edges and corners, but the staple spine is intact, and all pages are clean, intact, unblemished and tightly bound.
Condition New