Thornycroft Military Vehicles, by Pat Ware

Thornycroft Military Vehicles, by Pat Ware
Published by Military Trucks Archive in 2022, 98 pages. Softback - c.20cm by 27cm (N8304)

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This book deals with the military vehicles manufactured by Thornycroft over the company’s more-than 75-year history, ranging from the 3-ton J-Type of WW1, through the products of the turbulent 'thirties, and into WW2 and beyond, when trucks such as the Amazon, Nubian and Sturdy were produced by the thousand. The immediate post-war years saw changes in the company structure, but Thornycroft remained an important contributor to Britain's Cold War effort and is probably best known for the Antar, a heavy-duty tank transporter tractor that went on to serve for more than 30 years.

The book is illustrated throughout with black and white photographs