The Wiltshire Regiment in World War One, by Lyn Dyson

The Wiltshire Regiment in World War One, by Lyn Dyson
Published privarely by the author in 2015, 140 pages. Paperback - c.21.5cm by 28cm (N6432)

From the rear side cover: In this book, Lyn Dyson explores the daily lives of the soldiers the Wiltshire Regiment during World War One. This is a month by month account for each of the battalions of the Wiltshire Regiment and will be of interest to anyone who had an ancestor or family member serving in the regiment at that time. Although there is some military history, the book concentrates on the social and personal aspects of military life, such as how often the men were moving around, how often they had baths, what the weather was like, and what they did when they weren't in the trenches.

From the foreword: Many of the men I have researched for my World War One books served in the Wiltshire Regiment, but their individual service records have not survived. The Regimental War Diaries for the Wiltshire Regiment have been transcribed.... these diaries provide a detailed account of what each battalion of the Regiment was doing during each day of active service. I am not a military historian, but my interest is more with the day to day existence of the soldiers, such as when they were able to have baths, how often they were marching to new positions, how often they were under fire in the trenches, what the weather was like, etc. It soon became clear to me that a further book was needed for anyone who had an ancestor in the Regiment, to try to give a picture of everyday life for the men who were serving their country. Although my sphere of interest is centred around the Lavington area, I hope that this work will be useful to anyone researching their family history with ancestors in the Regiment, wherever they came from. Contents include

Chapter One The 1st Battalion
Chapter Two The 2nd Battalion
Chapter Three The 1st/4th Battalion
Chapter Four The s" Battalion
Chapter Five The s" Battalion
Chapter Six The 7th Battalion
Chapter Seven An Overview of the Western Front
Chapter Eight An Overview of the Salonika Campaign
Chapter Nine An Overview of Gallipoli
Chapter Ten An Overview of the Mesopotamia Campaign
Chapter Eleven An Overview of the Sinai and Palestine Campaign
Chapter Twelve Wiltshire Regiment Battle Honours

Please note that although new, the book does have light undulations to the inside pages throughout (caused during the printing and binding process). There is also a small price sticker on the rear side cover.
Condition New