The Walthamstow and Chingford Railway, by C. Pond

The Walthamstow and Chingford Railway, by C. Pond

The Walthamstow and Chingford Railway, by C. Pond

Published by the Walthamstow Historical Society in 2003, 103 pages. Paperback (N3463P1)

This book provides a fascinating history of the Walthamstow and Chingford Railway, and offers an invaluable resource for anyone interested in the local history and development of the railways in this part of London and Essex. Chapters in the book include:

  • The building of the line
  • Other local railway schemes
  • The Raiwlay since World War I
  • The line described
  • The fare structure and the social history of Walthamstow and Chingford
  • The pattern of passenger services
  • Freight services
  • Locomotives
  • Rolling Stock
  • Signalling
  • Tickets
  • Accidents

From the rear side cover: Since 1982, when this revised edition was first published, there have been some changes to the line. Instead of the class 305 slam door EMUs, the rolling stock is now composed of cl. 315 and 317 sliding door trains. The 1938 signalling system has recently been replaced by modern multi aspect signalling, and whilst the peak hour service has been reduced, that in the off peak has been increased.

Much, however, remains unchanged. The stations at Chingford, Highams Park, Walthamstow Central and Hackney Downs would be instantly recognisable from 100 years ago. There are disused but intact signal boxes at Chingford and Highams Park. The superb Western train shed at Liverpool Street Station, a gothic cathedral of iron and glass, has been conserved and improved, and the railway still dives between the houses of Walthamstow village, past the site of Shern Hall Street, its original terminus.

The condition of the book is generally excellent. The cover is clean and tidy, the staple spine is intact and all pages are clean, intact, unblemished and tightly bound

Condition New