The Spanish Civil War, edited by Al Richardson

The Spanish Civil War, edited by Al Richardson

The Spanish Civil War - The View from the Left, edited by Al Richardson

Published by Merlin Press in 2007, 402 pages. (N2909)

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This excellent book presents a fascinating account of the Spanish Vivil War, and explores the actions and politics of the left which, in the midst of civil war and revolution, chose to oppose both fascism and the popular front......

The book explores the argument that the popular revolution in Spain was overturned by the Stalinist Communist Party of Spain (PCE) and their allies. The Popular Front government of Doctor Negrin went on to facilitate the destruction of collectives and permitted the work of Russian secret services, as well as campaigns of murder and torture that demoralised workers and peasants, all in the name of the war on Fascism

The book presents 16 essays on contemporary left viewpoints, introduced and annotated in detail, and they include:

  • The Spanish Trotskyists and the foundation of the POUM
  • Kurt Landau
  • The Spanish Revolution of 1936 and the German Revolution of 1918
  • Spain Betrayed, How the Popular Government opened the gates to Franco
  • The activity of the Bolshevik-Leninists in Spain
  • George Kopp and the POUM Militia
  • Carlini in Spain
  • Letters from Spain
  • Notes on a stay in Catalonia
  • Three Months on the Huesca Front
  • Spanish Militants describe their escape
  • Letters from Madrid
  • Dual Power in the Spanish revolution
  • On Dual Power
  • On the slogan of a UGT-CNT Government
  • Where are the real Saboteurs?
  • The murdered revolution
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