The Skies over Throop 1940-1950 and beyond, by Fred Mayne

The Skies over Throop 1940-1950 and beyond, by Fred Mayne

Published privately by the author in 1992, slim A5 size pamphlet, 10 pages. (SBKWSO)

This short pamphlet provides a brief history of aviation in and around the skies above the Dorset village of Throop during and after the Second World War. The author recounts his experiences and memories, including air raid alerts, as well as  a Mosquito bomber which  crashed in the village.

From the introduction: In the following account I have attempted to to give as accurately as possible a description of what I saw during those crucial years of our history. I'm sure there are some who read this account will be able to throw light on other events which I either didn't know about or have forgotten. I would like to hear of any mistakes I may have made or of interesting incidents that have eluded me. My memories of wartime air activity (I was at the tender age of 13 at the outbreak) are stored entirely in my head and I have no official records or books to rely upon.
However my aircraft recognition was good and I used to keep records of what I saw but sadly over the years these have disappeared. Along with a few little personal experiences and and anecdotes, what follows, as far as I can remember, is in chronological order but no doubt there are one or two flaws but I hope not of any great importance. My wish is that it will bring back memories to some people especially those who shared my enthusiasm on the subject of aviation at that time. We can still see some of these old planes in museums or at air shows still flying but others we will never see again.

Please note this pamphlet was published and printed privately, and so lacks the finish of a more professional publication - the text is small font and the two photographs on the last page are photocopy quality. But none of this detracts from the fascinating contents!

The condition of the pamphlet is generally ok. The covers have several minor scuffs and creases, and light rusting around the staples, but the staple binding is intact and all pages are intact, unblemished and bound.