The Royal Navy at Dunkirk, by Martin Mace

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The Royal Navy at Dunkirk, by Martin Mace

Subtitled 'Commanding Officers Reports of British Warships in action during Operation Dynamo'

Published by Frontline in 2017, 428 pages. Hardback with Dust jacket (N7631)

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From the inside front fly leaf: The fact that the British Expeditionary Force was evacuated from Dunkirk during May and June 1940 has achieved the status of a legend. Whilst the part played by the 'Little Ships' in that miracle is equally well known, the role of the Royal Navy's warships -
such as the destroyers, minesweepers and ersonnel ships - is often overlooked.

In the early hours of 4 June, after nine days and nights, Operation Dynamo was concluded. Almost immediately the Admiralty issued instructions requiring ships' captains (from the largest warships to the smallest 'Little Ship') and those who served on the shore, on both sides of the Channel, to submit a report detailing their, or their ship's, actions. It is a broad cross-section from these accounts that is presented in this book. Without doubt, the reports demonstrate the generally measured manner in which the Royal Navy, assisted by the Merchant Navy and civilian sailors, evacuated the BEF under circumstances beyond anything previously experienced, or even imagined.

Described in their own words, with the events still fresh in their minds, the result is a vivid record of the chaos, improvisation, skill and bravery that all combined to rescue the basis of an army that helped carry Britain through the dark months and years that followed.