The Roots of the Tyneside Music Hall, by D. Bell

The Roots of the Tyneside Music Hall, by D. Bell
The Roots of the Tyneside Music Hall, by D. Bell

Booklet published privately by the author, 32 pages. A5 size Booklet (N4275)

This booklet provides a fascinating account of the origins of Music Halls in Tyneside, and includes snippets of verses and songs sung in the early days, as well as a few brief details of the early performers themselves.

From the first inside page: The development of the Music Hall was a consequence of the industrial revolution and was the common mans response to 'High Culture' in Victorian times. Having no wish to attend the theatre, opera or ballet, the new lower middle classes and the people who worked for them invented their own equivalent.

Of course, nothing on any large scale was possible until the industrial revolution was well under way and sufficient people had enough money in their pockets to make such a venture pay. This is why the great age of the Music Hall did not begin until the mid 18th century and sprang into life in mainly urban industrial areas such as Tyneside.

At first, the Music Hall drew from very largely on local culture and talent, and in this respect Tyneside was richly endowed - for as far back as could be remembered the taverns and inns of the waterfront, especially Newcastle Quayside, had been well served by local bards. These performers who earned their living by fiddling, singing and reciting had built up a rich heritage and we still have their songs, even though in many cases we don't know their names.....

Condition of the booklet is generally excellent. The card covers are clean and bright, the staple spine is intact, and all pages are clean, intact, unblemished and tightly bound.

Please note that this booklet was published privately by the author, and so lacks the 'finish' of a proffessional publication - but this in no way detracts from it's fascinating contents!

Condition New