The Osage Indian Murders, by Lawrence Hogan

The Osage Indian Murders, by Lawrence Hogan

The Osage Indian Murders, The True Story of a Multiple Murder Plot to Aquire the Estates of Wealthy Osage Tribe Members, by Lawrence J Hogan

Published by Amlex in 1998. 285 pages. Paperback (YWSO)

During the 1920s, a gang of white criminals led by William Hale, the 'King of Osage', began to murder the wealthy Osage Indians of Oklahoma for their oil headrights. Some white people who were married to Indians or who tried to tell the government what was going on were also murdered......

During the 1920s, the Osage were the richest people in the world, as each Osage owned a percentage of the tribe's oil wealth called a 'headright'. Because many of the Osage were not well-educated, they often had guardians who managed their fortunes, and sometimes these people were crooks who stole their wards' fortunes.

This fascinating book tells the story of the 1920's murders. The author worked for the FBI and based his book on the FBI files on these crimes and other published sources.

Condition is generally very good. The cover has one or two minor scuffs, blemishes and creases, but is clean and tidy, the spine is intact, and all pages are clean, intact, unblemished and tightly bound. The front cover curves upwards very slightly

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