The Old Town, Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, by Carol Edwards

The Old Town, Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, by Carol Edwards

The Old Town, Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, by Carol Edwards, subtitled 'More than just a Fishing Village'

Published privately by the author, 136 pages. (N4941)

Leigh on Sea is a small town that lies adjacent to Southend on the Essex coast, and in times gone past it was an important fishing port, with a vibrant community that relied on the sea. This book provides a fascinating history of the old parts pf the town and it's people and buildings from the 1800's onwards...

For centuries fishermen and their families have lived and worked in Old Leigh, providing life's necessities were others who shared their space on the High Street. From the 1840's onward's there were coal merchants, butchers, grocers, drapers, a blacksmith and even a post office. Alternative employment came from the public houses, the gas works, nearby farms and the railway, which arrived in 1854. With frequent trains from London, more and more visitors came to the town in the summer and this saw an increase in the number of cafe's and restaurants to cater for their needs. Meet some of the families, not connected to fishing, who over the decades have contributed to the history of The High Street Old Leigh.

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