The Military History of Pontus 302BC - 63AD, by Stuart Peachey (Volume 2)

The Military History of Pontus 302BC - 63AD, by Stuart Peachey (Volume 2)

Booklet published by Stuart Press in 2006, 60 pages. A5 size booklet (N7476)

This booklet provides an account of the military history of Pontus (a hellenistic era kingdom that was centred along the southern shore of the Black Sea in what is now modern day Turkey. The Kingdom was officially proclaimed in around 281BC, and lasted until its eventual conquest by the Romans in 63BC, when the western half was incorporated into the empire and the eastern half survived as an imperial client state. Sections in the booklet include:

The Accuracy of the Information
The Composition of the Pontic Army
Bosphorean Greeks
Smaller Tribes
Thracians and Bithynians
Hellenistic Armies
The Roman Style Pontic Army
The Commissariat and Camp Followers
Engineers, Engines and Fortifications
The Earlier Pontic Army
Army Lists
Summary of possible troop types
The Navy
Government of Pontus

The condition of the booklet is generally very good. The covers have some minor scuffs, and light creasing and wear along the edges and corners, but the staple spine is intact, and all pages are intact, unblemished and tightly bound.