The May Days - Barcelona 1937, by Augustin Souchy

The May Days - Barcelona 1937, by Augustin Souchy

The May Days - Barcelona 1937, by Augustin Souchy, Jose Peirats, Burnett Bolloten and Emma Goldman

Published by Freedom Press in 1998, 128 pages. (N2902)

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This book presents fascinating eyewitness reports of the crushing counter-revolution that occured in Barcelona during the Spanish Civil War, when factions fighting for the Republic and against Franco and the Fascists (including the Spanish Communist Party, the PCE, and the Anarchists and Trotsyists of the POUM and other groups) took to the streets and fought each other.....

From the rear side cover: Many historians treat this event as a 'minor' incident in the Spanish Civil War, in spite of the fact that in the armed struggle that took place, casualties - 500 killed and 1000 wounded, were actually greater than in the first week of the military uprising in Barcelona on July 19th 1936

This book seeks to place this event in ints true importance - and includes Augustin Souchy's detailed first hand account which has been out of print for over 40 years. Their is also a chapter by Burnett Bolloten, a journalist in Spain during the Civil War. And for those that deny there were secret prisons in Republican Spain there is Emma Goldman's account of her experiences trying to visit political prisoners during 1937

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