The Last Post - The Memorials of Lancaster and Morecambe, edited by James Dennis

The Last Post - The Memorials of Lancaster and Morecambe, edited by James Dennis

The Last Post - The Memorials of Lancaster and Morecambe, edited by James Dennis

Published by the Lancaster and Military Heritage Group in 2006, 149 pages. A4 size softback (N5386CH)

From the introduction: The Lancaster Military Heritage Group was founded in 1999 by a group who were concerned that the historic links between the area of Lancaster and Morecambe and the Armed Forces were diluting as various defence reductions took place. Conscious from the outset of the debt the armed services owe to the local communities, who provide their sons daughters and support in times of conflict, a War Memorial Project was set up so as to say 'Thank you' to the local population. Over a 3 year period the biographies of nearly three thousand local people who are commemorated on local war memorials were researched, compiled and bound into Books of Honour. These were then presented to various organisations on appropriate occasions.

The Project has been a fascinating and emotive journey, uncovering detail of the lives of those who died in conflict. The local community responded with stories of their relatives and friends and loaned their memorabilia to help with the biographies thus ensuring that this information is recorded for posterity as the living collective knowledge of the community fades. This gives added significance to the immortal words: "Their names will live for evermore".

This Book records the activities undertaken during the project, including the activities of school children and of the final presentation of sixteen Books of Honour to the Mayor of Lancaster on 8 May 2005, the Sixtieth Anniversary of VE Day. One of the most significant visible records of service are our War memorials which commemorate, by name, those who died in, or as a result of, war. However even some of these are disappearing, or are not readily available to the public. Much material was uncovered during the project and the main part of this book is an illustrative survey of all the War Memorials in the Lancaster and Morecambe area.

Condition of the book is generally good. The cover has some minor scuffs and blemishes, and some light wear along the edges and corners, but the spine is tight and intact, and all pages are clean, intact, unblemished and tightly bound.
Condition New