The Impact of WW1 on the Semstow Vale Villages, by David Taylor

The Impact of WW1 on the Semstow Vale Villages, by David Taylor
Book published by YouCaxton in 2017, 58 pages. Slim paperback (N7298)

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From the introduction: This book tells the story of the impact of World War One on the South Staffordshire Villages ofSmestow Vale, Bobbington, Hirnley, Swindon, Trysull, Seisdon and Wombourne. It is hoped that it gives some indication of what was happening back at home whilst the fighting took place in France and elsewhere. No history of World War One can ignore the impact of millions of men enlisting and leaving their homes to go to war and that is where this history will start. 102 men from these seven villages have been identified as having served in the First War. Seventy-three were identified from the various memorials preserved in the villages and twenty-nine from searches through military records. Of the 102 seventy ­four died, only twenty-eight survived....

From the rear side cover: Perhaps the most popular strand of the local history of War World One concerns those who died in the war, looking at their lives and war experience, particularly the action in which they died or the unit they served in. Another strand considers the Home Front, particularly in the towns and cities or in locations where a notable activity took place, such as Zeppelin Raids or explosives manufacture. However, there is a third strand, equally important but little investigated, and that is the impact of the war on rural communities. This booklet looks at one such community, on the edge of the Black Country but clearly rural in character, the villages of South Staffordshire centred on what is now known as Smestow Vale.

These villages have their own tale to tell of what happened between 1914 and 1918. There were the absences and deaths of many young, and not so young, men. But also there were air raid precautions, lack of public transport, increasing food production for local towns and themselves, new housing requirements and many other irritations and difficulties caused by the war. Followed by the celebrations at the Armistice and the signing of the Peace Treaties, and then the commemorations for those who would never return. The Impact of World War One on the Smestow Vale Villages looks at these villages to find out what we can discern after 100 years of what life was like in the countryside during The Great War.
Chapters include:

The Armed Forces
Joining Up
Those Who Died
Those Who Served And Returned
Identifying Them
Their Service Experience
The War Memorials
The Home Front
Burials and Deaths
The Peace Celebrations 19th July 1919
Demobilisation And Veterans' Organisations
The SmestowVale Villages 1914 To 1920
Air Raid Precautions
Winter Fuel
War Bonds And Fund Raising
The Police
Ongoing Impact