The History of Woodthorpe, by Terry Fry

The History of Woodthorpe, by Terry Fry

Printed privately, 20 pages (contents and page numbering on one side only). A4 size booklet, spine bar binding. Has the following date on the title page: December 14th 1990. (A29QWSO)

Please note the booklet was produced privately, so its typewritten and the maps and diagrams are all photocopy quality. But none of this detracts from the fascianting contents!

From the first inside page: The area of Woodthorpe is about 3 miles north east of Nottingham, between the town of Arnold and the Nottingham suburbs of Sherwood and Mlapperley. The land slopes upwards from Mansfield Road, which forms the western boundary of the area, to Plains Road, which is another boundary. The northern edge is approximately the line of the old Great Northern Railway, part of which is now a footpath; the southern limit is formed by Woodthorpe Drive.

The name Woodthorpe does not seem to be used until the early 19th century, except for Woodthorpe House which is shown on a map of 1774. For much of the 19th century Woodthorpe extended into what is now Sherwood. In 1877 Sherwood became part of the borough of Nottingham, and the boundary between it and Woodthorpe was along Mansfield Road and the north side of Woodthorpe Drive.

In the 18th century the area had not yet been named as Woodthorpe. It was an open and rural setting with close affinities to Daybrook and Arnold. Indeed it was part of the parish of Arnold. At that time William Cope Sherbrooke, who lived at Oxton and was a friend of Ichabod Wright, the Nottingham banker, owned much of the land, including Swinehouse Farm. In 1790 there was a South Swinehouse Field where pigs grazed; it was one of the main fields in Arnold's three field system of agriculture. Woodthorpe Drive was known as Swinehouse Road on Sanderson's map of 1835. Later its name was changed to Scout Lane....

The condition of the booklet is generally ok. The covers have one or two minor scuffs, but all inside pages are intact and unblemished.