The History of Nunney, by Anthony Windrum

The History of Nunney, by Anthony Windrum

The History of Nunney, by Anthony Windrum

Book published by the Frome Society for Local Study in 2008, 112 pages. Paperback (N5769)

From the foreword: I think that living in a village without having much idea of the history of the place is rather like going on a motoring holiday without a map or a guide book; although you may get the odd sign to help you on your way you will miss out all the main points of interest.

We first moved to Nunney soon after the Second World War. Shortly after arriving the Lord of the Manor died and I went to a sale to buy a field he owned opposite our house and at the same time the Castle, which adjoins the property, came up for sale. The price was such that I couldn't resist buying it. I found that I had not only acquired a Castle, but the Lordship of the Manors of Nunney and Nunney Maudley with all their manorial rights, which are considerable, including the Market Place. This immediately brought me into the centre of village life.

Nunney was at the time a charming sleepy agricultural village and most of the inhabitants had owned their same cottages for generations. Then Nunney went through one of the very radical changes that it has made over the ages. It became a popular village near to the motorways. Retired people moved in and bought cottages which they tend most carefully, and the scene can hardly have altered for many decades.

You can change the inhabitants, but you can't change the buildings, and the well over 1000 year History of Nunney. Its Castle crenellated in 1373, its church with the name of every rector back to 1210, a market once larger than Frome's, and the Roman Villa nearby which has nearly disappeared but we still have some mosaic, some Roman nails and tiles.

It was at this point that Anthony Windrum came in. He settled in Nunney in 1988. Pre-war he taught at Wellington. During the war he was an Army Major in the Royal Signals, afterwards working in the Foreign Office. After the war he was Managing Director of a publishing company, and retired in 1976. He was for many years a Local Government Councillor. Since coming to Nunney he has researched in depth the history of Nunney, in its long continuity of well over a thousand years with all its changes of inhabitants so that now we have as true as possible the 'History of the Village'...

The condition of the book is generally veru good. The covers are clean and bright, the spine is tight and intact, and all pages are clean, intact, unblemished and tightly bound. There is light bubbling to the inside pages throughout, and a small price sticker on the rear side cover

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