The Hillforts of Cardigan Bay, by Toby Driver

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The Hillforts of Cardigan Bay, by Toby Driver
Book published by Logaston in 2021, 178 pages. Paperback (N6208)

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From the rear side cover: This book brings alive the people who built and lived in the hillforts of Cardigan Bay through examining the artefacts found and discussing the hillforts in light of what we know about Iron Age society. Combined with Toby Driver’s photographs from land, sea and air and his many reconstruction drawings, you can feel yourself in the Iron Age landscape. Patterns of daily life, of ritual and ceremony are all described, as well as the building arrangements and feasting that might have occurred during the construction of a hillfort. Also covering the end of the preceding Bronze Age and the Roman period that followed the Iron Age, the book is an excellent companion to several centuries of Ceredigion’s history.
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