The Great Siege - The Siege of Londonderry 1689, by Michael Sheane

The Great Siege - The Siege of Londonderry 1689, by Michael Sheane

The Great Siege - The Siege of Londonderry 1689, by Michael Sheane

Book published by Arthur Stockwell in 2002, 144 pages. Paperback (N4822)

This book provides a fascinating account of the siege of Londonderry in 1689, as well as providing the historical context in which the events surrounding the siege took place.

From the rear side cover: James II, a Roman Catholic, ascends the throne of England in 1685, and he is intent upon subjecting Ireland’s Protestants. Protestants in Ulster are determined to put up a resistance to ‘Popery’, and they eventually hold out in the city of Londonderry. Thirteen brave Apprentice Boys close the gates of Londonderry in December 1688 in the face of the Earl of Antrim’s forces. Robert Lundy is appointed Governor of the City, and at first the citizens have great faith in him, but he was eventually to prove a traitor. How did the citizens of Derry hold out in the face of James II’s army, as the siege got under way in April 1689? Why was their cry "No Surrender!"?

Michael Steven Sheane was born in England in 1947. He was educated at Larne Grammar School and Orange’s Academy, Belfast, a mixed Protestant and Catholic college, and attended Trinity College, Dublin. A man from Ballygally on the Antrim Coast, he now lives in Antrim. Chapters in the book include:

  • The Planters
  • The eve of the siege
  • Roman Catholicism
  • A History of Violence
  • The rebellion of 1641
  • Aftermath of closing the gates
  • Lying Dick Talbot
  • The flight to Londonderry
  • Govenor Lundy
  • Irish Life
  • The battle of the River Fords
  • Lundy the Traitor
  • James II at Londonderry
  • Blackmail threats
  • The siege intensifies
  • Londonderry stands firm
  • No Surrender
  • The Boom is broken

Condition of the book is excellent. the The covers are clean and bright, the spine is tight and intact and all pages are clean, intact, unblemished and tightly bound. There is a small price sticker on the rear side cover

Condition New