The Germans at Arras, by David Bilton

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The Germans at Arras, by David Bilton
Images of War - The Germans at Arras, by David Bilton, subtitled 'Rare Photographs from Wartime Archives'

Published by Pen & Sword in 2008, 208 pages. Paperback (N4255)

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From the rear side cover: During the Great War a German publisher produced a number of photographic books that are of considerable interest to the modern-day reader. These were based on the photographs taken by the German regiments that found themselves stationed there during the War.

This book is based partly on two of those works, and covers the Battle of Arras in 1917, one of the largest in the War. In addition to the introduction giving the historical context there are 350 photographs of the villages/towns,the trenches, troop movements, trenches, cemeteries, dealings with civilians. These vividly convey what the area around Lens, Arras, Bullecourt, Havrincourt, Cambrai and Douai was like under German occupation.  This book is not just a memory-rich diary for the thousands of soldiers who fought there but also a valuable record of the period.

The book thus offers a fascinating pictorial account of the German Army in the latter stages of the war, and is packed full with black and white photographs that give an insight into the men, battles and events of those weeks and months......

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