The Gentle Giants, by Ernest Clifford Hazell, edited by Ken Griffiths and Roy Gallop

The Gentle Giants, by Ernest Clifford Hazell, edited by Ken Griffiths and Roy Gallop

Subtitled 'An illustrated history of a family of Bristol Timber Hauliers 1880-1935'

Published by Fiducia Press in 1997, 28 pages. Slim rectangular booklet - c.18cm by 22cm (N8073)

From the rear side cover: Historic transport has been well documented and photographed, especially in the area of canals, railways and early motoring. Often neglected however was the role of the horse in heavy haulage. The shire horse played an important part in the country's transport system wen into the twentieth century. The 'Gentle Giants' records a family business of timber hauliers from the 1880s to the 1930s when competition from the internal combustion engine finally brought an end to an era.

From the preface: In 1976 the Bristol Evening Post invited readers with experiences or memories of working Shire horses to record their recollections in writing. Letters received by the paper on this subject would be published and included in a competition. The winning letter was from Ernest Clifford Hazell, who received as his prize a copy of 'The Shire Horse' by Keith Chivers. Four years later Mr Hazell ('Cliff', as he was known to family and friends) submitted a more comprehensive account of his recollections to the local history magazine 'Malago'. The article was published in 1980, and gives an insight into the workings of a timber haulage family business, using the Shire horse as motive power. Cliff died in 1991, aged 83 years, but left behind an array of artefacts, writings and photographs in the safe hands of his daughter, Mildred. An examination of these reveals an interesting family history. The timber haulage business had its origins in the 1880s. Members of the Hazell family were still working with the 'Gentle Giants' until 1935, when they gave way to mechanised transport, which had been slowly developing since the First World War. The central feature of this book will be Cliff's recollections contained in his original manuscript, which was the source material for the above-mentioned articles. Cliff's story will be complemented by photographs from the family collection. The book will also give a brief account of Cliff's personal and family history...

The condition of the booklet is generally very good. The covers are clean and bright, the staple spine is intact, and all pages are clean, intact, unblemished and tightly bound.