The District Controller's View - The West London Railway

The District Controller's View - The West London Railway

The District Controller's View - The West London Railway, subtitled 'The West London Railway, Kensington Olympia, The West London Extension Railway, Willesden/Old Oak Common - Kensington Olympia - Clapham Junction, Train and Traffic Operations in 1955 - including Full Working Timetable (Passenger, Goods and Trip Workings) and Engine Diagrams, and full details of the Summer Saturday Holiday Express Workings'

Published by Xpress, 80 pages. Large A4 size softback (N5118P1)

From the rear side cover: To many people, the West London lines were something of a mystery. They were extraordinarily busy with an exceptionally wide range of motive power yet, having almost no passenger service, were all but outside of the normal field of vision. On underground journeys one occasionally caught a tantalising glimpse of an LNWR 0-8-0 or GWR 57xx at somewhere where, by known geography, they should not have been.... but the vision vanished as quickly as it had come, leaving one with a desire to know more but not knowing where to start. Kensington Olympia, the principal station on the route, was known to have an occasional Underground service on exhibition days but was otherwise difficult to get to.

In fact the West London was an enthisiasts dream and not only could you see engines from all four BR regions as a matter of daily routine but the steam workings by London Transport added a fifth dimension.

In this book, this busy but largely unknown cross-London route has been opened up in a way that should start a new field of study for many railway students as well as answering many of the questions raised years ago.

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