The District Controller's View - The Kent Coast, by W.S. Beckett and T.S. Bradshaw

The District Controller's View - The Kent Coast, by W.S. Beckett and T.S. Bradshaw

The District Controller's View - The Kent Coast, by W.S. Beckett and T.S. Bradshaw, subtitled 'Train and Traffic Operations over the ex London, Chatham & Dover during the 1950's - including Working Timetable (Passenger & Goods) and Engine Workings (including allocations and Shed Movements) 1950-1960'

Published by Xpress, 132 pages. Large A4 size softback (N4839P1)

From the rear side cover: In steam days the Kent Coast main line between Victoria and East Kent was a line of many parts. As a trunk line its credentials were impeccable with a busy service of fast Pacific hauled business expresses between Ramsgate and Cannon Street plus a near hourly service of 4-6-0 worked expresses from Victoria to Ramsgate. As a suburban line it operated one of the worlds busiest electric systems in which a particularly dense service of multiple units had to be operated over the same set of tracks as its Dover and Ramsgate steam operations.

Motive power included BR standard 5MT 4-6-0s and the sometimes unpredictable SR Pacifics whilst at the other end of the scale there were dozens of inside cylinder 4-4-0s whose duties included the many stopping services that ran between the Medway towns and the Kent coast.

Contrary to popular belief goods services were numerous and ranged from cross London widened line trips to N2-6-0s battling over the Downs with loaded trains from the Kent coalfield. Positioned between the two were the inumerable general goods workings which kept a large fleet of C class 0-6-0 locomotices in general employment.

Full details of the route, its trains and the workings of the line are contained in this book in immense detail, which includes full goods and passenger working timetables, arrivals and departures (with engine workings) for the main stations and goods yards, together with a host of other steam operating data....

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