The Curse of Socialism, by Sir Guilford Molesworth (Published 1918)

The Curse of Socialism, by Sir Guilford Molesworth (Published 1918)
Published by E & F.N. Spon Limited in 1918, 176 pages. Small Hardback - c.12.5cm by 18cm (S8295HWSO)

This book, with an introduction by the author dated March 1918, and thus almost certainly published whilst the First World War still raged, examines the evil that is modern socialism, and the first chapter begins 'British Trade Unions have been captured and Trade Unionists infected, by the poisonous German made Socialism, even more pernicious than any of the earlier forms of Socialism of the nineteenth century, baneful though they have been'. Sir Guilford goes on to explain that socialism has degraded the character of the British workman, caused unemployment and pauperism, provoked strikes that have ruined the country, ruined agriculture, caused the deaths of thousands of men at the front, led to the spiritual decay of the nation, and instilled in the minds of the rising generation class hatred and atheism.

I think it's fair to say that Sir Guilford wasn't a socialist!

The condition of the book is generally ok. The cover has several minor scuffs, and light splits, bumping and wear along the edges and corners, but the spine is intact and all pages are intact and bound. There is yellowing and foxing to the inside pages throughout, and wear to the binding along the inside rear cover (where the binding has become exposed).