The Castles of Gower, by Bernard Morris and Harold Grenfell

The Castles of Gower, by Bernard Morris and Harold Grenfell

Booklet published by the Gower Society in 2005, 28 pages. A5 size booklet (N4170P1)

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This booklet provides a fascinating account of the castles in the Welsh peninsula of Gower, and is illustrated throughout with lots of colour photographs. The castles covered in the booklet include:

  • Penmaen Old Castle
  • The Old Castle at Swansea
  • The New Castle at Swansea
  • Oystermouth Castle
  • Pennard Castle
  • Penrice Castle
  • Oxwich Castle
  • Weobley Castle
  • Loughour Castle

From the introduction: The Normans seized Gower from its Welsh ruler shortly after 1100 AD. The ancient Welsh Commote of Gwyr, extending from the peninsula northwards to the Amman Valley, henceforth became the Norman Lordship of Gower, and the best land in the Lordship was parcelled out into numerous manors. The Norman seizure did not pass unchallenged, and counter attacks from the independent Welsh states to the north and west continued throughout the next two centuries. As a defence against these attacks, the new masters of Gower erected castles in many of their manors.

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