The Bradford Artillery, byG.R. Bottomley (Includes a letter from the author)

The Bradford Artillery, byG.R. Bottomley (Includes a letter from the author)

Published privately by the author in 1976, 16 pages. Slim A5 size booklet (A2RWSO)

From the foreword: The former Bradford Artillery existed for 109 years (48 as Volunteers and 61 as Territorials) from 1860 to 1969. Until 1961 its Regimental Headquarters, together with one, or sometimes two, of it's Batteries, -was always in Bradford, with outlying Batteries at different times at Halifax, Heckmondwike, or Otley.

In 1961 the Unit was amalgamated with the corresponding Artillery Unit at Leeds, with the Regimental Headquarters and two Batteries in that City: the Bradford Unit continued to exist, but only in the form of one Battery still at Belle Vue Barracks, Bradford, plus part of the Regimental Headquarters Staff at Leeds.

During the whole of those 109 years it filled an important part in the life of Bradford, and indeed of the Country; and, together with Second Lines of it formed with a nucleus of personel taken from the Unit itself, served with distinction overseas through the two World Wars of 1914 and 1939.

As a result of the measures of reorganisation and (as some think) catastrophic reduction of the Armed Forces of the last decade the Unit ceased to exist in 1969.

There is at present no record available to the public of all those years of service, and the probability appears that in a few years the very existence of the Unit and its work may pass into oblivion.

Many people hold the view that this would be a tragedy - a calamitous throwing away of an important part of the very history of Bradford. It is to try to redress this that I have set about the compila­ tion of these notes in the hope that they may be accepted for the archives of Bradford and the other places mentioned, and their Public Libraries, available for students and history researchers and the public in general.

Comes with a letter that was folded up and stored inside. The letter is dated 14th October 1976, and is from the author. Most of the letter is type written, although the author has added lots of handwritten notes too, and it begins 'I have great pleasure in enclosing a copy of a small booklet which I have written and I hope you may find some interest in it. It comprises a short history of our old regiment - the 70th as I think of it'

The condition of the booklet is generally good. The covers have one or two minor scuffs, but the staple spine is intact and all pages are clean, intact, unblemished and tightly bound.