The Book Salhouse and Woodbastwick, by Colin McCormick

The Book Salhouse and Woodbastwick, by Colin McCormick
The Book Salhouse and Woodbastwick, by Colin McCormick

Published by Halsgrove in 2016, 160 pages. Large A4 size Hardback with Dust Jacket (N6607)

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From the front inside fly leaf: Neighbouring villages on the Norfolk Broads with much in common but with distinct identities, Salhouse and Woodbastwick lie 5 and 6 miles respectively north east of the City of Norwich, each bounded to the north by the River Bure. Historically, the two villages have at times shared common ownership and at other times gone their own way. In mediaeval times both were near the centre of an economic powerhouse based on peat digging; in the nineteenth century each was home to a wealthy landowner who spent lavishly on their own mansion and on the village surrounding it, and whose influence can still be seen. While agriculture has always dominated, the villages in modern times have become largely residential but a smattering of rural trades continues to flourish.

Exactly halfway between the two villages lies Salhouse Broad, a tourist destination since the nineteenth century, arguably the most beautiful setting of any in Norfolk, in an undulating landscape that is far from flat. Unscathed, but not unaffected by war, enemy action was never far away and the influence of an American airbase nearby is still well remembered. In this book we discover how the villages and their landscapes were influenced by early history and later by the changing fortunes of landowners and the changes brought about by improved communications.

Personal reminiscences recall many forgotten aspects of life in the twentieth century, we look at people and social activities, and we look at the churches, schools, houses and street scenes, much of which has changed in recent decades but some of which has remained very much the same.
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