The Book of Woolmer Green - A New Parish for the New Millenium

The Book of Woolmer Green - A New Parish for the New Millenium
Published by Halsgrove in 2001, 160 pages. Large A4 size Hardback with Dust Jacket (N6031)

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From the front inside fly leaf: Today straddling the B197, which was once known as the Great North Road, the village of Woolmer Green has been situared since Roman times on important roures and seems to owe its very existence to the travelling public. It has, over the centuries, provided numerous refuelling stops for man and beast, together with the attendant services, and up until just a few years ago supported a variety of shops and tradesmen with many of its inhabitants employed in or around the village.

The Book of Woolmer Green provides a snapshot of life in the community down through the years. With the village being split from the civil parish ofWelwyn in April 2000, the new millennium heralded a significant watershed for Woolmer Green on a local as well as a wider-reaching level - and an ideal opportuni­ry to reminisce about the past as well as look forward to the future. Perhaps the snippets of village history contained in this volume, pictorial and verbal, will give newcomers an insight into the story of this settlement's community and stir dormant memories in the minds of those who have lived here long enough to witness the great tides of change that described every aspect of daily life in the 20th century...
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