The Book of Willand, From Domesday to Millenium

The Book of Willand, From Domesday to Millenium
Published by Halsgrove in 2007, 160 pages. Large A4 size Hardback with Dust Jacket (N8026)
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From the inside front fly leaf: One of Devon's smaller parishes, Willand was mentioned in the Domesday Book and for many years the manor belonged to Taunton Priory. The local economy has always been founded on agriculture, but from the 1500s-1700s the community played an important role in the Culm Valley cloth trade. Located on the main road from Bristol to Exeter, transport has also been important, and the arrival of Tiverton Junction railway station in 1844 ensured that Willand kept pace with the modern era. Since then, the arrival of Lloyd Maunder meat producers and other industries has allowed the village to sustain a growing population right through to the new millennium.

Today, visitors might be forgiven for think­ing of Willand as a mass of modern hous­ing developments cut through by transport links like the M5. However, they would miss what most locals know, that despite the many changes, Willand is a settlement of great antiquity, which continues to support a happy, thriving and resourceful community .. The Book of Willand tells the history of the parish, not only through the landscape and buildings, but also through the people of Willand, their clubs and sports, their school days and work, and through the events and experiences that moulded their lives.