The Behar Massacre, by David Sibley

The Behar Massacre, by David Sibley

The Behar massacre, by David Sibley, subtitled 'The execution of 69 survivors from the British Merchant Ship behar in 1944 by the Imperial Japanese Navy'

Published by A. Lane in 1997, 118 pages. Paperback (S6216MWSO)

In 1944 the Japanese Navy captured a British merchant ship in the Indian Ocean - the 'Behar'. Over 100 seamen were also captured, and after around a third were taken away for interrogation, the remainder were loaded up onto a Japanese Crusier and taken out to sea, where they were slaughtered. The Japanese didn't want to rik shooting them as the sound of gunfire might attract Allied warships, so the men were stabbed and knifed to death, and then thrown over board into shark infested waters. This book tells the horrific story of that massacre, and the events surrounding it.

From the rear side cover: Revealed for the first time, the war crimes trial papers exposing the capture of 104 persons by the Japanese after the sinking of the Merchant Ship Behar and the execution of 69 of them on the night of the 18th March 1944 at sea on board a Japanese Cruiser. The story has been carefully researched, and includes first hand accounts by the remaining survivors

Condition of the book is generally ok. The cover has several scuffs, blemishes and creases, and some light nibbling and creasing along the edges and corners, but the spine is intact and all pages are intact, unblemished and tightly bound. Their is some yellowing to the front and rear side covers, and some additional wear on the rear cover along the right hand edge.

Condition New