The Battle of Tewkesbury, 4th May 1471, by Jonathan Davies

The Battle of Tewkesbury, 4th May 1471, by Jonathan Davies

Booklet published by Stuart Press in 2004, 32 pages. A5 size booklet (N7423)

This booklet provides an account of the Battle of Tewkesbury, which took place on 4the May 1471 and was one of the decisive battles of the Wars of the Roses - forces loyal to the House of Lancaster were completely defeated by those of the rival House of York, and the Lancastrian heir to the throne, Edward, Prince of Wales, as well as many prominent Lancastrian nobles, were killed during the battle or executed afterwards. Sections in the booklet include:

An introduction to the Wars of the Roses
A description of the Arms, Armour and conduct of men-at-arms of this time
An Account from the original Chronicles of the Campaign and Battle
Accounts of the Most Dreadful Slaughter of Prince Edward
A List of the principal participants in the Battle
A Bibliography appertaining to the aforementioned Wars
Two Maps of the Battle

The condition of the booklet is generally good. The cover has one or two minor scuffs, and some bumping and creasing in the top left hand corner, but the staple spine is intact, and all pages are intact, unblemished and tightly bound.