The Bag Muck Strike, Denaby Main 1902-1903, by J.E. MacFarlane

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The Bag Muck Strike, Denaby Main 1902-1903, by J.E. MacFarlane
The Bag Muck Strike, Denaby Main 1902-1903, by J.E. MacFarlane

Published by Doncaster Library Service in 1987, 76 pges. Paperback (S8038WSO)

From the preface: Denaby Main is a South Yorkshire coalmining village situated midway between Rotherham and Doncaster near to the industrial town of Mex­borough and the ancient "Ivanhoe" settlement of Conisbrough.

Before recent demolition of the old village, to make way for new council housing, it comprised a lattice work of close-packed streets with regimented lines of miners' cottages broken at regular intervals to allow entry into communal "backs".

Denaby Main Colliery started coal production in 1868 at a time when it was the furthest east of any Yorkshire colliery and nearer to the market outlets of the Humber ports. The sister pit at Cadeby, a mile distant from the old pit, was sunk two decades later in 1893. At the turn of the century both pits were owned by the Denaby and Cadeby Colliery Company and together they made up an industrial undertaking of considerable size, providing employment for more than 4,000 men and producing in excess of one million tons of coal a year.

Although some of the men who were employed at the two collieries lived in privately owned accommodation at Mexborough and Conisbrough, the majority were housed in the 1,000 company-owned cottages' within the village of Denaby Main itself. These colliery-owned houses were an important instrument of social control and on more than one occasion the Company had used the threat of eviction as a sanction against workmen during industrial disputes at the pits. On at least two occasions before the turn of the century, in 1869 and 1885, evictions had actually taken place and the miners and their families had been compelled to seek shelter in the chapels and barns of the locality, or under canvas. It was during the bag-muck strike of 1902-1903, the dispute covered in this book, that the Denaby and Cadeby Colliery Company evicted their workmen for the last time...

The condition of the book is generally ok. The cover has several minor scuffs and blemishes, and some light nibbling and wear along the edges and corners, but the spine is tight and intact, and all pages are intact, unblemished and tightly bound. There is a small area of wear on the rear side cover where a price sticker has been removed.
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