The Anarchist Collectives, by Sam Dolgoff

The Anarchist Collectives, by Sam Dolgoff

The Anarchist Collectives, by Sam Dolgoff

Published by Black Rose Books, 192 pages. Paperback (N5424)

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From the rear side cover: Sam Dolgoff, editor of the best anthology of Bakunin's writings, has now produced an excellent documentary history of the Anarchist collectives in Spain. Although there is a vast literature on the Spanish Civil War, this is the first book in English that is devoted to the experiments in workers' self-management, both urban and rural, which constituted one of the most remarkable social revolu tions in modern history.

Lenin once identified "the sum total of the conditions necessary for socialism" as large-scale capitalist engineering and planned organization subordinated to a Soviet state, that is, a "proletarian dictatorship" ruled by a vanguard party. The eyewitness reports and commentary presented in this highly important study reveal a very different understanding of the nature of socialism and the means for achieving it.

Libertarian communism, as it was realized during the Spanish revolution, was truly the creation of workers and peasants. It was a "spontaneous" creation-for which, in fact, the groundwork had been laid by decades of struggle and education, experiment and thought. Varied, complex, often inspiring, the achievement of the people of Spain is unique in the history of 20th century revolution. It should be carefully studied, not merely as the record of a remarkable human accomplishment, but also for the insight it provides into the problems of constructing a social order that is just and humane, committed to freedom from exploitation and oppression, whether by a capitalist autocracy or an authoritarian state apparatus.

For a brief period, the Spanish people offered the world a glimpse of a future that differs by orders of magnitude from the tendencies inherent in the state capitalist and state socialist societies that exist today....

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