The 489th Bomb Group in Suffolk, by Peter Bodle and Paddy Cox

The 489th Bomb Group in Suffolk, by Peter Bodle and Paddy Cox

Subtitled 'A pictorial history of the USAAF's 489th Bombardment Group at Halesworth during WWII'

Booklet published by Liberator, 60 pages. A5 size booklet (N4101)

The 489th Bombardment Group was based at Halesworth airfield in Suffolk during the latter stages of the Second World War, and was made up of over 2,900 men who maintained and flew B24 Liberator Bombers.....

This booklet is one of a series from the publishers detailing the life and times of American servicemen who were part of the United States Air Force stationed in Norfolk during the Second World War. Each booklet is packed full with photographs, and most of these photo's were taken by serving airmen with their own cameras. Some of the photographs were official, some were semi-official and many were very much un-official, and together each booklet provides a fascinating insight into the airfields, men and planes during the war. Each booklet is printed on high quality glossy paper, with a full colour card cover, and the rear side cover depicts some of the colourful jacket patches of the various operational squadrons.

From the rear side cover: During WWII the American USAAF bomber forces were concentrated in East Anglia. Norfolk and Suffolk housed the majority of American bases, though Cambridgeshire and Essex also attracted their fair share of airfields that were turned over to the stars and stripes. Generally, the Americans bombed during the hours of daylight, and the RAF bombed during the night. The 489th were one of the last of the 8th Air Force to enter the European conflict, and were initially assigned to the short lived 95th Bomb Wing... when this was broken up the 489th were integrated into the 20th Bomb Wing. This booklet is full of original wartime photographs taken by airmen of the 489th Bomb Group between May and November 1944

Condition of the booklet is generally very good. The covers are clean and bright, the staple spine is intact and all pages are clean, intact, unblemished and tightly bound. The booklet curves gently at the edges from where it has been stored flat on the shelves

Condition New