Thames Valley - A Centenary Album, by Paul Lacey

Thames Valley - A Centenary Album, by Paul Lacey
Published by the author in 2020, 144 pages. Large paperback - c.21cm by 29.5cm (N8092)
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From the rear side cover: The formation of the Thames Valley Traction Co. Ltd. on the 10th July 1920 came as acknowledgement of the achievements of the local Branch of the British Automobile Traction Co. Ltd. in the 5 years since its first buses took to the road in modest fashion. That Branch had continued to expand, despite all the difficulties posed by the years of the Great War, with its shortages of vehicles, manpower and fuel. This album is not a history ofthe Company, as that already exists in the series of previously published volumes, but it nonetheless records and explores the routes operated and the vehicles used over the years between 1920 and 1971. The over 300 monochrome and 100 colour photos show many aspects of the diverse services, and most are previously un-published, with captions recounting the story of the 'Valley and its subsidiary Newbury & District and South Midland fleets.

The book is illustrated throughout with colour and black and white photographs (mostly three per page).