Tewkesbury, by Anthea Jones

Tewkesbury, by Anthea Jones

Tewkesbury, by Anthea Jones

Published by Phillimore in 2003, 214 pages. Hardback with Dust Jacket (N3619)

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Tewkesbury is a small town full of historic interest. Spared any major Victorian modernisation, it has also escaped the widespread redevelopment of recent decades. Since 1967 the whole of the town centre has been a ‘conservation area’. Its special heritage is the unusual concentration of ancient buildings which create a remarkable sense of the medieval town.

This book investigates Tewkesbury’s history in relation to the fabric of the town today … the shape, buildings and activities that give Tewkesbury its unique character. In addition to the known and documented story, the author investigates the interesting puzzles in the town’s history, ranging from the origin of its name to the site of the famous battle in the Wars of the Roses.

Well researched, well documented and well written, this book has proved to be as popular with Tewkesbury’s many visitors as it is fascinating to all who live in or near this ancient Gloucestershire town; not least because of its superb illustrations. It is at once a history, an architectural history and a detailed guide to historic Tewkesbury.....

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