Tayside At War, edited by William Kenefick and Derek Patrick

Tayside At War, edited by William Kenefick and Derek Patrick
Published by Abertay Historical Society in 2018, 122 pages. Paperback (N7311)

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From the rear side cover: The Great War cast a long shadow over Tayside, as it did the rest of the country. Through a series of fascinating essays drawing on new research, this book addresses nine very different aspects of Tayside's war. From the exploits of Dundee's 4th Black Watch on the Western Front to the Tayside Canadians who, when duty called, left their adopted home to serve King and country; from the war's toll on one agricultural family in the heart of rural Angus to the remarkable contribution of University College, Dundee. Comprising some little known stories of the war, its impact and enduring legacy, the book paints a fascinating picture of one region's diverse wartime experiences, and provides a fitting tribute to mark the centenary of the end of the First World War. Chapters include:

Sea Soldiers - Scotland's Forgotten Heroes of World War One
'And man, you're a damn fine type' - Private Charles Craig, one of'Dundee's Own'
The Dundee and Tayside Canadians of the Great War
The Alyth Escapers
The Wartime Experiences of an Angus Farming Family
University College, Dundee and the Great War
The Impact of War and Revolution - Dundee 1914-1918
'Bristling with guns' - German First World War Artillery in Tayside and Fife, 1919-1940
Loos: The Fallen Fourth - Visualising Community Identity and loss in the First World War