Tales of Langham - Things were Different Then, by Bill Nourish

Tales of Langham - Things were Different Then, by Bill Nourish
Tales of Langham - Things were Different Then, by Bill Nourish

Booklet Published by the Langham Village History Group, 18 pages. A5 size booklet (N5355)

Langham is a village in the county of Rutland, and in this booklet the author collects together some of his memories and experiences of growing up their to provide an insight into what life was like in the village in the 1920's and 1930's.

From the introduction: Bill Nourish (now in his nineties) has been writing down his memories of his boyhood and youth in Langham for a number of years and all of them are included in Langham Village History Group’s archive. On several occasions, Bill has told us that he has “run dry” but fortunately, this has not been the case....

William (Bill) Nourish was born in Langham in April 1920, the eldest child of Joe and Lily Nourish. His father was a steam-engine driver and threshing-machine operator. Bill attended Langham School until the age of eleven, when he won a scholarship to Oakham Grammar School. Because he wanted an outdoor life he refused the scholarship and attended Oakham Central School, leaving on the day he was fourteen. On the following day, he started work in a gentleman's garden in Oakham and stayed until March 1939, leaving to join his father on the threshing machine...

There is also a message from Bill himself: Dear Reader, Please remember that these anecdotes were first written for inclusion in the Langham News and had, of necessity, to be concise. I hope, therefore, that you will excuse the lack of background explanation to some of the episodes. I enjoyed re-living them and I hope you will get a little pleasure from reading some of my infant misdemeanours and tales from my youth.

Condition of the booklet is generally excellent. The covers are clean and bright, the staple spine is tight and intact, and all pages are clean, intact, unblemished and tightly bound. There is a small price sticker on the rear side cover.
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