Take the Strain, by Tim Nicholson

Take the Strain, by Tim Nicholson
Take the Strain, by Tim Nicholson, subtitled 'The Alexandra Towing Company and the British Tugboat Business 1833-1987'

Published by The Alexandra Towing Company in 1990, 304 pages. Hardback with Dust Jacket (N5872)

From the introduction: The tug is at the birth and the death of a ship. It takes charge as soon as a new vessel hits the water and when it reaches the end of its useful life, tows it back to the breakers.... The tug rescues the multi-million pound ship stranded on a sandbank, saves lives on the freezing North Sea and carry cargo from ship to shore....

This book is a fascinating ands detailed history of the Alexandra Towing Company, and charts its development and operation over 150 years. It thus provides an insight into the history of British maritime matters over the last century and a half. Chapters include Beginnings, Early Developments in London and Liverpool, Expansion and Innovation, Boom Years, Home and Abroad  1890-1914, the First World War, Depression Years, Outports and Recovery, the Second World War, a changing world, and more!

The condition of the book is generally good. The dust jacket has some minor scuffs, but the spine is tight and intact, and all pages are intact, unblemished and tightly bound. Inside, the pages have some light bubbling throughout, and curve upwards along the right hand edge.
Condition New